Mass Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort ascendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
920513August 24, 2017MissouriSaint Louis10400 block of Balmoral Dr40
1040815January 31, 2018MissouriSaint LouisGoodfellow Blvd and Dr Martin Luther King Dr04
1100852April 25, 2018MissouriSaint Louis1151 Northdale Dr31
1111950May 9, 2018MissouriSaint Louis5200 block of Minerva Avenue04
1113737May 11, 2018MissouriSaint Louis4800 block of Farlin Ave04
1155567July 3, 2018MissouriSaint Louis1700 block of Billups Ave15
1184992August 10, 2018MissouriSaint Louis1515 N 13th St04
1194057August 22, 2018MissouriSaint LouisI-64 and Jefferson Ave04
1232018October 13, 2018MissouriSaint Louis400 block of Midlothian Road04
1260525November 21, 2018MissouriSaint Louis4200 block of Shreve Ave04
1386510May 4, 2019MissouriSaint LouisUnion Blvd and Northland Ave14
1392313May 10, 2019MissouriSaint Louis4000 block of Ashland Ave06
1394330May 13, 2019MissouriSaint Louis4047 Shreve Ave41
1407941May 27, 2019MissouriSaint Louis5900 block of Goodfellow Blvd22
1441613July 7, 2019MissouriSaint LouisN Tucker Blvd and Convention Plaza05
1441721July 6, 2019MissouriSaint Louis1921 Chambers Rd50
1472641August 7, 2019MissouriSaint Louis4900 block of Plover Ave31
1486675August 23, 2019MissouriSaint Louis1122 Union Blvd13
1504030September 14, 2019MissouriSaint Louis5200 block of Tennessee Ave13
1517804October 1, 2019MissouriSaint LouisLeonor K. Sullivan Blvd and Poplar St04
1520547October 5, 2019MissouriSaint Louis10035 Crown Point Dr05
1585894January 1, 2020MissouriSaint Louis3000 block of S Jefferson Ave32
1642826March 20, 2020MissouriSaint Louis1923 Prairie Ave04
1676121May 9, 2020MissouriSaint Louis3500 block of Arkansas Ave04
1687219May 24, 2020MissouriSaint LouisUnion Boulevard and Cote Brilliante Ave04