Mass Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
490166June 30, 2013ColoradoAurora2300 block of Paris St04
1126434May 27, 2018ColoradoAurora15373 E 6th Ave13
1137547June 10, 2018IllinoisAurora300 block of W Park Ave07
1200904August 31, 2018ColoradoAurora1900 block of Peoria St23
1327321February 15, 2019IllinoisAurora641 Archer Ave66
1419305June 11, 2019ColoradoAurora12500 block of E Kansas Pl04
1561813December 1, 2019IllinoisAurora700 block of S 5th St14
1594173January 11, 2020ColoradoAurora17158 E Adriatic Place05
1717828June 26, 2020ColoradoAurora698 Peoria St05
113247March 9, 2014TexasAustin 4900 block of West Race Avenue06
555126May 8, 2016TexasAustin8600 block of North Lamar13
617607July 31, 2016TexasAustin208 E 6th St14
975600October 29, 2017TexasAustin5500 block of Ave F13
980269November 4, 2017TexasAustinN Lamar Blvd and Masterson Pass04
1417716June 7, 2019TexasAustin8220 TX-7105
1711626June 21, 2020TexasAustin500 block of E 7th St05
843172May 14, 2017FloridaAvon ParkHal McRae Blvd and Delaney Ave05
480897October 6, 2013ArizonaAvondale11120 W Van Buren St04
170704August 6, 2014CaliforniaBakersfield1700 block of Quincy Street 31
444406November 6, 2015CaliforniaBakersfield1000 block of Feliz Drive04
486971May 24, 2013CaliforniaBakersfield3700 block of Columbus Street22
604233July 16, 2016CaliforniaBakersfield621 Stephens Dr114
939834September 23, 2017CaliforniaBakersfield818 Real Rd14
1209006September 12, 2018CaliforniaBakersfield660 Manwell Blvd60
1215987September 23, 2018CaliforniaBakersfield2600 block of Chandler Court14