Mass Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1386085May 3, 2019MarylandBaltimore1900 block of Ramsay St05
1405317May 25, 2019MarylandBaltimore500 block of N Belnord Ave04
1428595June 22, 2019MarylandBaltimore800 block of N Port St14
1437094July 1, 2019MarylandBaltimore1200 block of N Luzerne Ave04
1453350July 20, 2019MarylandBaltimore2800 block of Boarman Ave13
1490466August 29, 2019MarylandBaltimore2500 block of E Monument St13
1491495August 30, 2019MarylandBaltimore1600 block of E 29th St13
1493429August 31, 2019MarylandBaltimore900 block of N Monroe St04
1523204October 9, 2019MarylandBaltimore1600 block of W North Ave13
1525628October 12, 2019MarylandBaltimore800 block of W Lexington St13
1536787October 28, 2019MarylandBaltimore4160 Pimlico Rd13
1537044October 29, 2019MarylandBaltimore4700 block of Liberty Heights Ave13
1577577December 22, 2019MarylandBaltimore225 Park Ave07
436219October 24, 2015South CarolinaBamberg682 Dixie Ave.04
822750April 15, 2017CaliforniaBanning900 block of N Allen St04
390050August 7, 2015VermontBarre (Berlin)3182 Airport Rd40
610379July 23, 2016TexasBastrop202 Childers Drive41
193960September 20, 2014MississippiBatesville8297 Curtis Rd22
377423July 18, 2015LouisianaBaton Rouge300 block of Brice Street22
549507April 27, 2016LouisianaBaton Rouge4300 Block of Kerrit Dr22
597366July 7, 2016LouisianaBaton Rouge2136 North Lobdell Avenue04
604762July 17, 2016LouisianaBaton Rouge9611 Airline Hwy43
896889July 23, 2017LouisianaBaton Rouge10360 Ave H04
1256435November 14, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge4896 Gus Young Ave31
1319325February 4, 2019LouisianaBaton Rouge4000 block of Topeka St04