Mass Shootings

Incident IDIncident Datesort descendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1170482July 23, 2018IllinoisChicago6400 block of S May St05000
1172333July 25, 2018LouisianaNew Orleans7000 block of Bullard Ave04001
1172403July 26, 2018TexasDallas3019 South Blvd06000
1173069July 26, 2018CaliforniaOakland73rd Ave and Bancroft Ave22000
1172224July 26, 2018OhioCleveland18416 St Clair Ave16002
1173637July 27, 2018IllinoisChicago1100 block of S Troy St04000
1173476July 27, 2018TexasRobstown603 East Ave J40100
1174527July 28, 2018CaliforniaLos Angeles8801 S Vermont Ave24000
1174190July 28, 2018LouisianaNew Orleans3400 S Claiborne Ave37001
1174990July 29, 2018MichiganLansingSpring and River Street04000
1174960July 29, 2018ArizonaPhoenix2501 E Van Buren St14000
1174423July 29, 2018PennsylvaniaYork100 block of E Maple St04000
1175571July 30, 2018IllinoisChicago1200 block of S Avers Ave04000
1177024July 30, 2018GeorgiaSavannah12328 Largo Dr04000
1176169July 31, 2018CaliforniaGardena1212 West 135th Street23001
1179589August 4, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee40th St and Vliet St04000
1179805August 4, 2018IllinoisChicago1600 block of N Leclaire Ave13000
1180161August 4, 2018MissouriKansas CityE 18th St and Highland Ave06001
1179810August 4, 2018NevadaLas Vegas3400 block of Coran Ln06000
1179644August 5, 2018IllinoisChicago1600 block of S Avers Ave04000
1179677August 5, 2018IllinoisChicago900 block of S Karlov Ave04000
1179607August 5, 2018IllinoisChicago1300 block of W 76th St08000
1179619August 5, 2018IllinoisChicago1300 block of S Millard Ave15000
1179935August 5, 2018IllinoisChicago50 block of N Leclaire Ave14000
1182717August 8, 2018PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaNorth 12th Street and West Huntingdon Street24000