Mass Shootings

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
August 6, 2017New YorkBronxWickham Ave06
June 12, 2018New YorkBronxW 166th St and Summit Ave04
August 18, 2018New YorkBronx925 Allerton Ave04
March 13, 2015MississippiBrookhaven1097 South First St.23
November 24, 2017MississippiBrookhaven119 Martin Street16
March 14, 2014New YorkBrooklynS. Second and Roebling Sts04
October 18, 2014New YorkBrooklynLenox Road04
November 30, 2014New YorkBrooklyn375 Remsen Avenue04
April 27, 2015New YorkBrooklyn1365 Flatbush Ave24
June 15, 2015New YorkBrooklyn673 Flatbush Avenue04
August 2, 2015New YorkBrooklynStanley Avenue and Crescent Street09
August 3, 2015New YorkBrooklyn98 Dwight Street05
August 28, 2015New YorkBrooklyn589 Flatbush Avenue13
March 22, 2013New YorkBrooklyn2703 W. 33rd Street13
June 30, 2013New YorkBrooklyn616 E. 52nd Street09
July 6, 2013New YorkBrooklyn472 Marcy Avenue13
July 20, 2013New YorkBrooklynGrove Street05
July 21, 2013New YorkBrooklyn1445 Lincoln Place04
August 11, 2013New YorkBrooklyn395 East 48th Street04
November 11, 2013New YorkBrooklyn318 Maujer St41
December 31, 2013New YorkBrooklyn60 Glenmore Ave06
June 5, 2016New YorkBrooklynMermaid Ave and 16th St.04
June 13, 2016New YorkBrooklynAvenue D and E. 57th05
July 4, 2016New YorkBrooklyn419 Chauncey St07
July 23, 2016New YorkBrooklynFountain Avenue04