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Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2759654November 19, 2023TexasPort Arthur4400 block of Griffing Dr05000
2753565November 12, 2023TexasPearland1014 N Main St14001
2748473November 5, 2023TexasHempstead35028 Cameron Rd07000
2748287November 4, 2023TexasGalveston2100 block of The Strand06001
2744799November 1, 2023TexasDallas2300 block of 2nd Ave05000
2741949October 28, 2023TexasTexarkana700 block of N Stateline Ave33002
2735026October 21, 2023TexasCollege Station2501 Texas Ave S04001
2735343October 21, 2023TexasBorger718 N Main St13001
2720311October 1, 2023TexasHouston8700 block of Cypressbrook Dr22001
2720419September 30, 2023TexasLaredo717 E Travis St04000
2715316September 25, 2023TexasDallas4800 block of Elsie Faye Heggins St13001
2708659September 17, 2023TexasEl Paso12300 Tierra Inca Dr23011
2701771September 7, 2023TexasDallas5300 block of Colonial Ave13001
2701233September 6, 2023TexasEl Paso (Socorro)253 Flor Margarita Blvd04000
2698107September 3, 2023TexasGalveston4002 Mendocino Dr22000
2695977August 30, 2023TexasHouston2800 block of Chimney Rock Rd04000
2687319August 20, 2023TexasDenison1100 block of W Owings St13003
2673152August 6, 2023TexasEdinburg5120 S Raul Longoria Rd07003
2667537July 30, 2023TexasPort Arthur711 Procter St07000
2661056July 23, 2023TexasHouston9261 Gulf Fwy14001
2661505July 23, 2023TexasDallas3300 block of Sheila Lane13000
2660194July 22, 2023TexasHouston10700 Rosehaven Dr12020
2658701July 19, 2023TexasHouston6200 block of Luce St23000
2654280July 16, 2023TexasDallasAl Lipscomb Way and Meadow St14001
2651632July 13, 2023TexasEl Paso1160 Airway Blvd24002