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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects Injuredsort descendingSuspects ArrestedOperations
104913February 7, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta (East Point)Norman Berry Dr and N Martin St01000
114817March 14, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaFairburn Road01000
114107March 10, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaMarietta Boulevard01000
113764March 11, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta2500 block of Center Street NW11000
113385March 10, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaHarwell Road11000
113201March 9, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaConley Road 20000
112675March 7, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaSelig Dr SW01000
111888March 4, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaBolton Road10000
109685February 23, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta3086 Briarcliff Rd NE02000
109434February 23, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta2873 Lakewood Ave SW01000
107638February 17, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaWindsor Street01000
107636February 17, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaSylvan Road01000
104916February 7, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaWestmont and Richmond Road02000
93293January 4, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta (College Park)5299 Old National Hwy02000
103940January 4, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta2025 Peachtree Road 04000
103682February 4, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaPowers Ferry Rd and I-28501001
102627February 1, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta5350 Old National Hwy10000
102391January 30, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaElm Street NW10000
100827January 26, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaMartin Luther King Jr. Drive10000
99778January 24, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta900 block of Welch Street, SW. 01000
96970January 16, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaBoulderwoods Dr SE02000
95714January 13, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta800 block of Spencer Street01000
95277January 1, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaHabershal Drive00000
94142January 8, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaFarrington Place10000
94133January 8, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta500 block of English Avenue10001