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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddresssort descendingVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
478997January 2, 2016ArizonaChandlerN/A02002
1277040August 1, 2018ArizonaChandlerN/A00001
1639540March 13, 2020ArizonaChandler100 block of N Sacramento St00100
275600January 7, 2015ArizonaChandler100 block of W. Linda Lane00000
2463351November 19, 2022ArizonaChandler1171 W Goldfinch Way02100
546194April 23, 2016ArizonaChandler1175 S Arizona Ave02100
1629961February 27, 2020ArizonaChandler1175 W Ray Rd01000
2051625July 1, 2021ArizonaChandler120 N McQueen Rd10001
2118269September 17, 2021ArizonaChandler1205 S Price Rd00011
1328109February 9, 2019ArizonaChandler1215 W Remington Dr00100
145831May 31, 2014ArizonaChandler1500 block of E Kaibab Dr01000
943178September 26, 2017ArizonaChandler1550 E Chandler Heights Rd00001
171316August 8, 2014ArizonaChandler15802 Gilbert Road 10000
2670865August 1, 2023ArizonaChandler194 W Oriole Way10100
2824866February 9, 2024ArizonaChandler2000 block of E Cindy St11000
2558873March 29, 2023ArizonaChandler2100 block of N Central Dr00100
1935243February 21, 2021ArizonaChandler2301 E Frye Rd01000
921739August 26, 2017ArizonaChandler286 W Palomino Dr10001
2467157November 23, 2022ArizonaChandler2900 block of E Folley Place00100
903040July 31, 2017ArizonaChandler2955 East Riggs Road02001
1644893March 24, 2020ArizonaChandler300 Commonwealth Avenue00001
953129October 5, 2017ArizonaChandler300 E. Commonwealth Ave01000
2409640September 6, 2022ArizonaChandler3000 N Alma School Rd00002
2208014January 9, 2022ArizonaChandler3041 E County Down Dr10100
2542547March 8, 2023ArizonaChandler3180 S Gilbert Rd00000