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Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2703652September 10, 2023New YorkBrooklynNostrand Ave and Fulton St03000
2700661September 6, 2023New YorkBrooklyn56 Marcus Garvey Blvd04003
2647298July 8, 2023New YorkBrooklynAshford St and Arlington Ave13001
2543748March 11, 2023New YorkBrooklynE 45th St and Snyder Ave13000
2522649February 10, 2023New YorkBrooklyn3222 Mermaid Ave04000
2520634February 8, 2023New YorkBrooklyn198 Varet St03001
2423414September 25, 2022New YorkBrooklyn2946 Fulton St12001
2406838September 5, 2022New YorkBrooklyn2231 Batchelder St12000
2404930September 2, 2022New YorkBrooklyn223 Russell St04000
2399576August 27, 2022New YorkBrooklynW 29th St and Boardwalk W14000
2364473July 20, 2022New YorkBrooklyn1107 Rutland Rd03000
2362141July 17, 2022New YorkBrooklyn265 Livonia Ave04001
2355398July 10, 2022New YorkBrooklynThe Boardwalk and W 21st St05000
2349767July 4, 2022New YorkBrooklyn1372 Loring Ave21002
2340297June 25, 2022New YorkBrooklyn690 Quincy St04000
2328089June 11, 2022New YorkBrooklyn264 Essex St03000
2315259May 29, 2022New YorkBrooklyn252 Dumont Avenue03000
2276339April 12, 2022New YorkBrooklyn36th St and 4th Ave010001
2276865April 12, 2022New YorkBrooklyn471 Gates Ave03002
2218026January 23, 2022New YorkBrooklynDumont Ave and Drew St03000
2210480January 13, 2022New YorkBrooklyn1014 E 92nd St13000
2196839December 24, 2021New YorkBrooklyn1031 Nostrand Ave04000
2186240December 9, 2021New YorkBrooklyn766 E 80th St12000
2147114October 21, 2021New YorkBrooklyn3008 Glenwood Rd04000
2093581August 17, 2021New YorkBrooklyn422 Mother Gaston Blvd05000