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Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2308438May 21, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaChestnut St and Columbus Blvd03000
2306277May 18, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1500 block of Bouvier St05001
2302618May 11, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2900 block of Aramingo Ave03000
2298519May 10, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaAllegheny Ave and G St04000
2302629May 10, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1300 block of W Rockland St03000
2297240May 8, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia900 block of E Schiller St12000
2281171April 17, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2800 block of Orkney St04000
2281117April 17, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia300 block of E Somerset St03000
2280094April 15, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia3400 block of Fairmount Ave03001
2278729April 14, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia4000 block of Wallace St03000
2277257April 12, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1400 block of W Bristol St03000
2272394April 6, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaGriscom St and Arrott St04100
2270422April 4, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2700 block of Kensington Ave03000
2257345March 19, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1800 block of Diamond St02000
2254729March 15, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia4800 block of Lawrence St03000
2247706March 5, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaHaines St and Cedar Park Ave30000
2237392February 19, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5300 block of Glenloch St03000
2236155February 17, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia164 W Chelten Ave04000
2222479January 28, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia700 block of W Ritner St03000
2215697January 19, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5800 block of Trinity St03000
2209142January 11, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia4000 block of Aldine St12000
2201651January 1, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia3900 block of Frankford Ave03000
2201629January 1, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1600 block of Cecil B Moore Ave14000
2201625January 1, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia100 block of E Luray St12001
2200968December 30, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5100 block of Germantown Ave06011