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Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2523739February 11, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5300 block of Rising Sun Ave12000
2513527January 28, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaKnorr St and Loretto Ave04000
2506343January 19, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2000 block of Brill St12000
2504926January 17, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5407 Chester Ave21000
2525296January 17, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2200 block of N Broad St12000
2504774January 17, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2208 N Broad St03000
2504082January 16, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaLevick St and Akron St12000
2500773January 11, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaS 60th St and Catherine St03000
2571247January 9, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia7300 block of Rowland St31001
2500261January 9, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5300 block of W Stilles St03000
2499381January 9, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia3300 block of Guilford St31001
2496029January 4, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2900 block of Rutledge St03000
2487974December 25, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaN Franklin St and W Cayuga St12000
2483836December 18, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1800 block of Diamond St12000
2478751December 11, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1800 block of W Diamond St12000
2476215December 5, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia3500 block of K St03000
2466431November 23, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1901 N 60th St04000
2458727November 13, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia400 block of E Wyoming Ave04000
2458060November 11, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5200 block of Webster St03000
2453744November 5, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia853 E Allegheny Ave09001
2452557November 4, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2800 block of Boudinot St03000
2450097October 31, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia200 block of W Ontario St21000
2448287October 30, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia601 Spring Garden St06000
2448295October 29, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaN 39th St and Aspen St03000
2438499October 15, 2022PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaN 11th St12000