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Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2177268November 28, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1300 block of S 50th St04000
2171201November 18, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia6300 block of Castor Ave03000
2166673November 14, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2700 block of N Howard St06000
2162269November 8, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia200 block of E Louden St04000
2156041November 1, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1400 block of Parrish St12000
2154317October 29, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2500 block of Master St12000
2133663October 5, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia800 block of N 46th St12000
2132088October 4, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia901 Walnut St12010
2132064October 3, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia700 E Hunting Park Ave03000
2131190October 2, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1600 block of N 23rd St03000
2129500September 30, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1500 block of W Lehigh Ave13000
2128901September 29, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia33rd St and Diamond St12000
2125855September 26, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaN Hancock St and W Lippincott St12000
2125768September 25, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2700 block of N 26th St12000
2123301September 23, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia38th St and Aspen St04000
2122941September 22, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1700 block of Georges Ln03000
2120940September 20, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaBroad St and Chew Ave15000
2119486September 18, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2600 N 12th St21000
2114343September 12, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5000 block of Germantown Ave12000
2095087August 19, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5100 block of Germantown Ave14000
2093675August 16, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5700 block of Elmwood Ave12000
2091557August 15, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1800 block of Judson St03000
2089629August 12, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2400 block of W Seybert St03000
2088659August 11, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5500 Rising Sun Ave14000
2087117August 8, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia400 block of S 13th St03001