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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims Killedsort descendingVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
353774June 7, 2015CaliforniaRichmond100 block of 20th Street01000
472220December 25, 2015CaliforniaRichmond600 block of Florida Avenue01000
456385November 30, 2015CaliforniaRichmond600 block of 18th Street02000
449502November 17, 2015CaliforniaRichmond200 block of South 37th Street02000
399348August 21, 2015CaliforniaRichmond2701 Isabel Street00000
393083August 11, 2015CaliforniaRichmond100 block of 19th Street01000
386623August 2, 2015CaliforniaRichmond300 block of Marina Way South02000
378028July 18, 2015CaliforniaRichmondRoyal Ridge Court02000
376466July 16, 2015CaliforniaRichmondSouth 37th Street00001
374654July 14, 2015CaliforniaRichmond2800 block of Pullman Avenue02000
373372July 9, 2015CaliforniaRichmond100 block of West MacDonald Avenue00002
363527June 23, 2015CaliforniaRichmond7th Street and Lincoln Avenue01000
358056June 14, 2015CaliforniaRichmond5000 block of Harnett Avenue02000
275879January 8, 2015CaliforniaRichmondS. 41st Street and Florida Avenue01000
328192April 22, 2015CaliforniaRichmondN/A00001
325048April 17, 2015CaliforniaRichmond3000 block of Groom Drive01000
324712April 15, 2015CaliforniaRichmond700 block of Amador Street01000
324067April 15, 2015CaliforniaRichmond700 block of Amador Street01000
312095March 20, 2015CaliforniaRichmond25th St and Roosevelt Ave00010
311022March 21, 2015CaliforniaRichmond500 block of 38th Street00010
309913March 19, 2015CaliforniaRichmond400 block of South 15th Street01000
309361March 17, 2015CaliforniaRichmondChanslor Avenue01000
301313March 4, 2015CaliforniaRichmond1900 block of Chanslor Avenue01000
279237January 15, 2015CaliforniaRichmondNevin Avenue01000
276977January 10, 2015CaliforniaRichmondFourth Street and Market Avenue00000