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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects Injuredsort descendingSuspects ArrestedOperations
2394046August 20, 2022CaliforniaRichmondS 6th St and Virginia Ave10000
2725119October 6, 2023CaliforniaRichmond900 block of 23rd St21000
2688071August 20, 2023CaliforniaRichmondW MacDonald Ave and 1st St03000
2652837June 3, 2023CaliforniaRichmondN/A10001
2638275June 28, 2023CaliforniaRichmond1200 block of Sanderling Island00100
2542375March 8, 2023CaliforniaRichmond2400 block of Lancaster Dr10000
2536799February 27, 2023CaliforniaRichmond2400 block of Aberdeen Way01000
2528108February 17, 2023CaliforniaRichmondFleming Ave and Ells St02000
2459275November 13, 2022CaliforniaRichmondI-580 and Central Ave01000
2444039October 23, 2022CaliforniaRichmondCastroSt and Hensley St01000
2407500September 5, 2022CaliforniaRichmondN/A01000
2395718August 22, 2022CaliforniaRichmond2400 block of MacDonald Ave10000
2395227August 22, 2022CaliforniaRichmond4th St and Macdonald Ave20000
2273085April 6, 2022CaliforniaRichmond500 block of S 12th St10000
2390834August 16, 2022CaliforniaRichmond2400 block of Aberdeen Way10000
2383363August 5, 2022CaliforniaRichmond200 block of Curry St02000
2375813July 31, 2022CaliforniaRichmond3400 block of Wall Ave10000
2365418July 19, 2022CaliforniaRichmondN/A02000
2360643July 14, 2022CaliforniaRichmondS 49th St and Cutting Blvd10001
2341723June 25, 2022CaliforniaRichmond1400 block of Pennsylvania Ave10000
2337369June 21, 2022CaliforniaRichmond1700 block of Giaramita St11000
2305808May 16, 2022CaliforniaRichmondS 6th St01000
2305805May 15, 2022CaliforniaRichmond2300 block of Lancaster Dr10000
2305797May 17, 2022CaliforniaRichmond1500 block of Ohio Ave10000
2287328April 23, 2022CaliforniaRichmond2801 Pullman Ave11000