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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddresssort descendingVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
351079June 1, 2015CaliforniaRichmond2600 block of McBryde Avenue10001
399348August 21, 2015CaliforniaRichmond2701 Isabel Street00000
1522808October 8, 2019CaliforniaRichmond2800 block of Loyola Ave10001
374654July 14, 2015CaliforniaRichmond2800 block of Pullman Avenue02000
1159256July 7, 2018CaliforniaRichmond2800 block of Salesian Ave00000
1990397April 27, 2021CaliforniaRichmond2801 Pullman Ave10000
2287328April 23, 2022CaliforniaRichmond2801 Pullman Ave11000
2813229January 17, 2024CaliforniaRichmond2900 block of Gomer Dr10001
2007776May 15, 2021CaliforniaRichmond2900 block of Groom Dr00000
1874914December 10, 2020CaliforniaRichmond2900 block of Pullman Ave10001
767372February 2, 2017CaliforniaRichmond2nd St and Ohio Ave11001
1879978December 16, 2020CaliforniaRichmond300 block of 25th St10000
508161February 19, 2016CaliforniaRichmond300 block of Maine Avenue03000
386623August 2, 2015CaliforniaRichmond300 block of Marina Way South02000
217543November 7, 2014CaliforniaRichmond300 block of Market Street10000
1267485November 30, 2018CaliforniaRichmond (North Richmond)300 block of Silver Ave10000
609592July 19, 2016CaliforniaRichmond300 block of South 12th Street10000
507090February 16, 2016CaliforniaRichmond300 block of South 16th Street02000
2819447January 28, 2024CaliforniaRichmond300 block of Willard Ave01000
325048April 17, 2015CaliforniaRichmond3000 block of Groom Drive01000
2030482June 9, 2021CaliforniaRichmond3000 block of Shane Dr10000
2090028August 12, 2021CaliforniaRichmond3000 block of Shane Dr01000
1157655July 6, 2018CaliforniaRichmond3100 block of Alta Mira Dr00010
1246848November 2, 2018CaliforniaRichmond3100 block of Deseret Dr10001
1518929October 3, 2019CaliforniaRichmond3100 block of Esmond Ave21000