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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddresssort descendingVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
262697December 12, 2014CaliforniaRichmond3100 block of South Hampton Ct03000
213328October 30, 2014CaliforniaRichmond3288 Pierce Street 01000
1514724September 27, 2019CaliforniaRichmond3300 block of Morningside Dr03003
514140February 29, 2016CaliforniaRichmond3300 block of Ohio Avenue10000
905108August 2, 2017CaliforniaRichmond3400 block of Richmond Pkwy00100
2375813July 31, 2022CaliforniaRichmond3400 block of Wall Ave10000
657598September 16, 2016CaliforniaRichmond3400 Richmond Parkway10000
673708October 10, 2016CaliforniaRichmond35021 Morningside Drive11003
2028532June 7, 2021CaliforniaRichmond35th St and Barrett Ave01000
422191September 28, 2015CaliforniaRichmond3600 block of Natalie Court20000
2785939December 15, 2023CaliforniaRichmond3600 block of Nevin Ave01000
550626April 28, 2016CaliforniaRichmond3701 Cutting Avenue10000
1629644February 24, 2020CaliforniaRichmond3701 Cutting Blvd01000
1660587April 16, 2020CaliforniaRichmond37th St and Stege Ave00100
310720March 20, 2015CaliforniaRichmond3900 block of Potrero Avenue10000
2798251August 26, 2023CaliforniaRichmond3rd St and Nevin Ave10000
2025091June 1, 2021CaliforniaRichmond400 block of 20th St01000
791549March 9, 2017CaliforniaRichmond400 block of 24th St01000
135363May 12, 2014CaliforniaRichmond400 block of Bissell Avenue01000
1554821November 21, 2019CaliforniaRichmond400 block of Chanslor Ave02000
522120March 13, 2016CaliforniaRichmond400 block of Gertrude Avenue10000
1659921April 15, 2020CaliforniaRichmond400 block of Marina Way S03000
454005November 26, 2015CaliforniaRichmond400 block of Market Avenue10000
549700April 26, 2016CaliforniaRichmond400 block of South 12th Street10001
309913March 19, 2015CaliforniaRichmond400 block of South 15th Street01000