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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1096398April 19, 2018CaliforniaRichmond800 Carlson Blvd11000
1205004September 5, 2018CaliforniaRichmond2200 Hilltop Mall Road00003
1204377August 31, 2018CaliforniaRichmond700 block of Lucas Ave10000
1187933August 11, 2018CaliforniaRichmondHarbour Way and Macdonald Avenue10000
1185020August 10, 2018CaliforniaRichmond1000 block of 13th St12000
1182513August 5, 2018CaliforniaRichmond121 W Macdonald Ave02000
1182511August 4, 2018CaliforniaRichmond121 W Macdonald Ave01000
1174586July 26, 2018CaliforniaRichmond12500 block of San Pablo Avenue01000
1159256July 7, 2018CaliforniaRichmond2800 block of Salesian Ave00000
1157655July 6, 2018CaliforniaRichmond3100 block of Alta Mira Dr00010
1156141July 2, 2018CaliforniaRichmond1700 Nevin Ave00000
1151060June 24, 2018CaliforniaRichmond23rd St and Barrett St10000
1149550June 25, 2018CaliforniaRichmondI-8000001
1003665December 8, 2017CaliforniaRichmond1250 23rd St00001
1092095April 14, 2018CaliforniaRichmondI-58000000
1091148April 12, 2018CaliforniaRichmond200 block of S 15th St10000
1088714April 9, 2018CaliforniaRichmond4900 block of Hartnett Ave10000
1088707April 7, 2018CaliforniaRichmond20th St and MacDonald Ave03000
1088152April 7, 2018CaliforniaRichmond1000 block of South 55th St10000
1073162March 12, 2018CaliforniaRichmond500 block of 25th St00001
1059381January 22, 2018CaliforniaRichmond500 block of Market St03001
1050791February 15, 2018CaliforniaRichmond700 block of 9th St02000
1023387January 7, 2018CaliforniaRichmondW Macdonald Ave and Curry St00004
1019967December 31, 2017CaliforniaRichmond600 block of South 21st St00000
1009808December 18, 2017CaliforniaRichmond2200 Hilltop Mall Rd00100