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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims Killedsort descendingVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2858133March 19, 2024CaliforniaRichmondI-80 and McBryde Ave01000
2832778February 10, 2024CaliforniaRichmond100 block of Ohio Ave02000
2832438February 9, 2024CaliforniaRichmond1000 block of 23rd St01001
2819447January 28, 2024CaliforniaRichmond300 block of Willard Ave01000
2807411January 13, 2024CaliforniaRichmond1500 block of Chanslor Ave01000
2801172January 3, 2024CaliforniaRichmond1500 block of Ohio St02000
2801168January 1, 2024CaliforniaRichmond100 block of S 33rd St01000
2796465December 30, 2023CaliforniaRichmond20th St and Nevin Ave02000
2796458December 29, 2023CaliforniaRichmond1434 Bissell Ave02000
2785939December 15, 2023CaliforniaRichmond3600 block of Nevin Ave01000
2785937December 13, 2023CaliforniaRichmond2000 block of Macdonald Ave01000
286817January 31, 2015CaliforniaRichmond700 block of 23rd Street10000
299587March 1, 2015CaliforniaRichmond15th Street and Bissell Avenue12001
110816February 28, 2014CaliforniaRichmond 600 block of Fourth Street10000
278239January 13, 2015CaliforniaRichmond4000 block of Fleming Avenue12000
217543November 7, 2014CaliforniaRichmond300 block of Market Street10000
217389November 7, 2014CaliforniaRichmond6th and Pennsylvania11000
190461September 14, 2014CaliforniaRichmondCutting and Carlson 10000
188139September 8, 2014CaliforniaRichmond1300 block of Mariposa Street 11000
132382May 3, 2014CaliforniaRichmondI-580 and Regatta Blvd10000
132026May 4, 2014CaliforniaRichmondVirginia and South 12th 11000
123348April 8, 2014CaliforniaRichmondFleming Avenue 10000
117284March 21, 2014CaliforniaRichmondS 35th and Wall10000
117039March 20, 2014CaliforniaRichmondS 5th and Florida 10000
113255March 8, 2014CaliforniaRichmond1600 block of First Street13000