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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims Injuredsort descendingSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1182511August 4, 2018CaliforniaRichmond121 W Macdonald Ave01000
1783021September 1, 2020CaliforniaRichmond17th St and Roosevelt Ave11000
1760658August 9, 2020CaliforniaRichmond1500 block of Chanslor Ave11000
1750204July 28, 2020CaliforniaRichmond900 block of 9th St11001
1664123April 21, 2020CaliforniaRichmond15th St and Chanslor Ave01000
1658164April 13, 2020CaliforniaRichmondI-580 and Canal Blvd01000
1629644February 24, 2020CaliforniaRichmond3701 Cutting Blvd01000
1518929October 3, 2019CaliforniaRichmond3100 block of Esmond Ave21000
1393797May 12, 2019CaliforniaRichmond1st Street and Nevin Ave01000
1340644March 4, 2019CaliforniaRichmond2200 Hilltop Mall Rd01000
1308445January 20, 2019CaliforniaRichmond600 block of Ohio Ave11000
1280698December 18, 2018CaliforniaRichmond2500 block of Andrade Ave11000
1243536October 27, 2018CaliforniaRichmond1170 Hensley St11000
644218August 30, 2016CaliforniaRichmond8th Street and Lincoln Avenue01004
1174586July 26, 2018CaliforniaRichmond12500 block of San Pablo Avenue01000
1096398April 19, 2018CaliforniaRichmond800 Carlson Blvd11000
917577August 21, 2017CaliforniaRichmondCarlson Blvd and Imperial Way01000
895435July 20, 2017CaliforniaRichmondTruman St and Chesley Ave01001
853081May 15, 2017CaliforniaRichmondN/A01000
791549March 9, 2017CaliforniaRichmond400 block of 24th St01000
791031March 9, 2017CaliforniaRichmondI-80 and San Pablo Ave11002
767372February 2, 2017CaliforniaRichmond2nd St and Ohio Ave11001
761180January 25, 2017CaliforniaRichmond500 block of Deer Park Dr01000
737976December 29, 2016CaliforniaRichmondRoosevelt Avenue and 42nd Street01000
673708October 10, 2016CaliforniaRichmond35021 Morningside Drive11003