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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddresssort descendingVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1368662April 11, 2019CaliforniaRichmond930 Wilson Ave00100
850062May 18, 2017CaliforniaRichmond960 S 47th St10000
2764113November 19, 2023CaliforniaRichmondBarrett Ave and 3rd St01000
178578August 21, 2014CaliforniaRichmondBarrett Avenue and Marina Way01000
917577August 21, 2017CaliforniaRichmondCarlson Blvd and Imperial Way01000
1728136July 5, 2020CaliforniaRichmondCarlson Blvd and S 47th St02000
2444039October 23, 2022CaliforniaRichmondCastroSt and Hensley St01000
309361March 17, 2015CaliforniaRichmondChanslor Avenue01000
190461September 14, 2014CaliforniaRichmondCutting and Carlson 10000
134751May 14, 2014CaliforniaRichmondCutting Blvd and S 41st St01000
891979July 16, 2017CaliforniaRichmondElgin Ave and 5th St10000
1315539January 25, 2019CaliforniaRichmondEmeric Ave and 25th St10000
563192May 20, 2016CaliforniaRichmondFifth Street and Grove Avenue11000
2528108February 17, 2023CaliforniaRichmondFleming Ave and Ells St02000
123348April 8, 2014CaliforniaRichmondFleming Avenue 10000
912928August 12, 2017CaliforniaRichmondFlorida Ave and Harbor Way S10000
1799150September 18, 2020CaliforniaRichmondFourth St and Macdonald Ave12000
193899September 20, 2014CaliforniaRichmondFourth Street and Bissell Avenue20000
276977January 10, 2015CaliforniaRichmondFourth Street and Market Avenue00000
1187933August 11, 2018CaliforniaRichmondHarbour Way and Macdonald Avenue10000
459055December 3, 2015CaliforniaRichmondHilltop and San Pablo Avenue10000
686464October 27, 2016CaliforniaRichmondHilltop Drive10000
200012October 1, 2014CaliforniaRichmondHilltop Drive 02000
753174January 15, 2017CaliforniaRichmondI 8000000
564239May 22, 2016CaliforniaRichmondI-58000000