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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims Injuredsort descendingSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
196601September 25, 2014CaliforniaRichmond2500 block of McBryde Avenue 00000
373372July 9, 2015CaliforniaRichmond100 block of West MacDonald Avenue00002
351079June 1, 2015CaliforniaRichmond2600 block of McBryde Avenue10001
328192April 22, 2015CaliforniaRichmondN/A00001
315539March 30, 2015CaliforniaRichmond6200 block of Sutter Avenue10000
312095March 20, 2015CaliforniaRichmond25th St and Roosevelt Ave00010
311022March 21, 2015CaliforniaRichmond500 block of 38th Street00010
310720March 20, 2015CaliforniaRichmond3900 block of Potrero Avenue10000
286817January 31, 2015CaliforniaRichmond700 block of 23rd Street10000
276977January 10, 2015CaliforniaRichmondFourth Street and Market Avenue00000
260022December 6, 2014CaliforniaRichmond43rd Street and Roosevelt Avenue00100
218014November 8, 2014CaliforniaRichmondRumrill Boulevard and Costa Avenue00000
217543November 7, 2014CaliforniaRichmond300 block of Market Street10000
106467February 6, 2014CaliforniaRichmondOhio Avenue 00000
193899September 20, 2014CaliforniaRichmondFourth Street and Bissell Avenue20000
190461September 14, 2014CaliforniaRichmondCutting and Carlson 10000
182957August 29, 2014CaliforniaRichmondNevin and 19th00000
173154August 11, 2014CaliforniaRichmondSecond and Macdonald 00000
156876July 9, 2014CaliforniaRichmondSouth 17th Street 100 block 00000
142764May 19, 2014CaliforniaRichmond1025 S. 47th St00000
132382May 3, 2014CaliforniaRichmondI-580 and Regatta Blvd10000
123348April 8, 2014CaliforniaRichmondFleming Avenue 10000
117284March 21, 2014CaliforniaRichmondS 35th and Wall10000
117039March 20, 2014CaliforniaRichmondS 5th and Florida 10000
110816February 28, 2014CaliforniaRichmond 600 block of Fourth Street10000