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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2743031October 29, 2023CaliforniaAzusa5400 block of N Banewell Ave04000
1795391September 14, 2020LouisianaBakerBurgess Dr04001
170704August 6, 2014CaliforniaBakersfield1700 block of Quincy Street 31000
604233July 16, 2016CaliforniaBakersfield621 Stephens Dr114000
2897313July 6, 2003CaliforniaBakersfield901 3rd St50001
2222766January 29, 2022CaliforniaBakersfield10612 Rosedale Hwy04001
1682322May 18, 2020CaliforniaBakersfield901 W Columbus St05000
1656873April 11, 2020CaliforniaBakersfieldPioneer Rd and Sterling Rd06000
1215987September 23, 2018CaliforniaBakersfield2600 block of Chandler Ct14001
1209006September 12, 2018CaliforniaBakersfield660 Manwell Blvd50100
939834September 23, 2017CaliforniaBakersfield818 Real Rd14003
486971May 24, 2013CaliforniaBakersfield3700 block of Columbus Street22001
444406November 6, 2015CaliforniaBakersfield1000 block of Feliz Drive04000
2282256April 17, 2022LouisianaBaldwinRosebud Rd and Baptiste St05000
1215954September 23, 2018CaliforniaBaldwin Park3700 block of Loma Lane04000
2872455December 16, 2011CaliforniaBaldwin Park (Irwindale)4910 Rivergrade Rd22100
341232May 16, 2015MarylandBaltimore1700 block of North Broadway05000
316795April 2, 2015MarylandBaltimore1900 block of West Lanvale Street05000
299190February 28, 2015MarylandBaltimore4300 block of Welbourne Road13000
426256October 6, 2015MarylandBaltimore300 block of North Payson Street05000
424224October 2, 2015MarylandBaltimore5400 Reisterstown Road14000
386140August 2, 2015MarylandBaltimore2700 block of Garrison Avenue07000
375322July 15, 2015MarylandBaltimore3500 block of West Garrison Boulevard13000
370474July 7, 2015MarylandBaltimore900 block of West Fayette Street31000
344302May 20, 2015MarylandBaltimore800 block of Linwood Avenue13003