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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddresssort descendingVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
853119May 27, 2017District of ColumbiaWashington100 block of Q St NW17000
2725133October 6, 2023District of ColumbiaWashington100 block of Quincy Pl NE05000
563751May 22, 2016TennesseeNashville100 block of Rains Avenue04000
334681May 4, 2015New YorkBuffalo100 block of Roosevelt Avenue13000
2043834June 23, 2021AlabamaMontgomery100 block of Rotary St22000
1820156October 10, 2020IllinoisChicago100 block of S Keeler Ave13000
2050167June 30, 2021DelawareDover100 block of S New St13000
2510365January 24, 2023North CarolinaRed Springs100 block of Samuel Williams Dr31001
491840August 18, 2013IllinoisChicago100 block of South Springfield13000
623439August 7, 2016IllinoisChicago100 block of South Springfield04000
1396491May 15, 2019LouisianaSaint Rose100 block of St. Rose Ave04001
1813306October 3, 2020TennesseeClarksville100 block of Tiny Town Rd05000
727759December 17, 2016IllinoisChicago (Roseland)100 block of W 105th St50001
1610240January 30, 2020CaliforniaMerced100 block of W 18th St04001
1964271March 26, 2021VirginiaNorfolk100 block of W Balview Ave04000
744799January 6, 2017CaliforniaPasadena100 block of W Claremont St22005
2680526August 13, 2023IllinoisChicago100 block of W Division St04000
1407189May 27, 2019New JerseyTrenton100 block of Walnut St15000
353536June 6, 2015New YorkBuffalo100 block of Warren Avenue14001
2608556May 26, 2023GeorgiaBrunswick100 block of Wasp Dr05000
2238165February 20, 2022IowaDes Moines100 block of Water St04000
457037December 2, 2015GeorgiaSavannah100 block of West 33rd Street13000
628178August 12, 2016FloridaJacksonville100 block of West 38th Street13001
263556December 15, 2014PennsylvaniaLansdale100 block of West 5th St60100
2280204April 16, 2022South CarolinaColumbia100 Columbiana Cir09003