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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2834712February 20, 2024PennsylvaniaAllentown1800 block of W Turner St04001
2493102January 1, 2023PennsylvaniaAllentown1140 E Clair St04000
1693246May 30, 2020FloridaAltha21281 Apachee Rd14100
886002July 8, 2017IllinoisAlton700 block of Oakwood Ave04001
108649February 20, 2014CaliforniaAlturas300 W 1st St41001
2356813July 10, 2022TexasAlvin1500 block of County Road 14913000
313304March 26, 2015TexasAmarillo3100 block of Redwood04000
2648002July 9, 2023TexasAmarillo4515 S Georgia St25001
1560645November 29, 2019TexasAmarillo2650 Dumas Dr07000
2303337May 15, 2022TexasAmarillo1003 N Fillmore St14000
2072962July 24, 2021TexasAmarillo1306 NE 3rd Ave06000
1892704January 1, 2021TexasAmarillo2650 Dumas Dr13001
1839462October 31, 2020CaliforniaAnaheim1210 S State College Blvd04000
190599September 14, 2014AlaskaAnchorage225 E Fifth06000
2039457June 19, 2021AlaskaAnchorageE 3rd Ave and Gambell St14001
1816799October 7, 2020AlaskaAnchorage200 block of McCarrey St14000
1656373April 8, 2020AlaskaAnchorage10600 block of Elmore Rd04000
1805455September 3, 2020South CarolinaAndersonR St and Chase Ave13001
2597941May 14, 2023IndianaAnderson1600 block of Madison Ave06000
1122728May 20, 2018IndianaAnderson1604 Madison Ave04000
2322804June 5, 2022South CarolinaAndrews3000 block of County Line Road05000
2513517January 28, 2023South CarolinaAndrewsBirch Creek Rd22001
1827437October 18, 2020MarylandAnnapolis100 block of Clay St13000
1151584June 28, 2018MarylandAnnapolis888 Bestgate Rd50001
2622547June 11, 2023MarylandAnnapolis1004 Paddington Pl33001