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Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2684482August 18, 2023MarylandBaltimore1000 block of S Curley St10000
2684478August 18, 2023MarylandBaltimoreN/A01000
2684430August 18, 2023MarylandBaltimore5200 block of Fairlawn Ave11000
2684433August 17, 2023MarylandBaltimore500 block of Dolphin St01000
2683667August 17, 2023MarylandBaltimore200 block of S Bruce St01000
2684427August 17, 2023MarylandBaltimore600 block of Cherry Blossom Way10001
2683647August 16, 2023MarylandBaltimore1000 block of W Baltimore St10001
2683892August 15, 2023MarylandBaltimore400 block of Oxford Ct01000
2681384August 14, 2023MarylandBaltimore900 N Broadway11001
2681378August 14, 2023MarylandBaltimore1500 Washington Blvd01000
2679958August 13, 2023MarylandBaltimore600 block of S Bethel St01000
2679946August 13, 2023MarylandBaltimore4400 block of Franconia Dr01000
2679918August 13, 2023MarylandBaltimore1600 block of Wilkens Ave01001
2679559August 12, 2023MarylandBaltimore2500 block of W Pratt St10000
2679948August 12, 2023MarylandBaltimore300 block of Forrest St01000
2679968August 12, 2023MarylandBaltimoreW North Ave and Rosedale St01000
2678922August 12, 2023MarylandBaltimore1600 block of Presbury St01000
2678920August 12, 2023MarylandBaltimore100 block of N Highland Ave01000
2679589August 12, 2023MarylandBaltimore1200 block of Sheridan Ave01000
2678917August 11, 2023MarylandBaltimore1800 block of 33rd St11000
2678029August 11, 2023MarylandBaltimore1500 block of Aisquith St01000
2679598August 11, 2023MarylandBaltimoreN/A01000
2679552August 11, 2023MarylandBaltimore2400 block of Baker St01000
2676560August 9, 2023MarylandBaltimore2800 block of The Alameda01000
2673646August 6, 2023MarylandBaltimore3800 block of Kavon Ave01000