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Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2670937August 2, 2023MarylandBaltimore4300 block of Reisterstown Rd01000
2670954August 2, 2023MarylandBaltimore4700 block of Pennington Ave01000
2669524August 1, 2023MarylandBaltimore4600 block of Pennington Ave10000
2670950August 1, 2023MarylandBaltimore300 block of E Federal St01000
2669548July 31, 2023MarylandBaltimore2500 block of McElderry St01000
2668207July 31, 2023MarylandBaltimore400 block of S Monroe St01000
2668190July 31, 2023MarylandBaltimore1200 block of Oakhurst Pl12000
2669565July 31, 2023MarylandBaltimoreWinchester St and N Dukeland St12000
2668228July 30, 2023MarylandBaltimore3900 block of Park Heights Ave10000
2667475July 29, 2023MarylandBaltimore2400 block of Pennsylvania Ave01001
2666316July 29, 2023MarylandBaltimore2100 block of W Saratoga St01000
2665471July 28, 2023MarylandBaltimore800 block of E Patapsco Ave01000
2665102July 27, 2023MarylandBaltimore3400 block of Potee St10000
2665098July 27, 2023MarylandBaltimore1600 block of W North Ave10000
2664299July 26, 2023MarylandBaltimore800 block of N Glover St01000
2664287July 26, 2023MarylandBaltimore600 block of Cherry Hill Rd03000
2664293July 26, 2023MarylandBaltimore2500 block of Washington Blvd01000
2663425July 25, 2023MarylandBaltimoreN/A01000
2663393July 25, 2023MarylandBaltimore3200 block of Hollins Ferry Rd11000
2663372July 25, 2023MarylandBaltimore100 block of N Dean St03000
2661835July 24, 2023MarylandBaltimore3100 block of Lohrs Ln01000
2661965July 23, 2023MarylandBaltimore1400 block of Meridene Dr01000
2661951July 23, 2023MarylandBaltimore1700 block of Ramsey St02000
2661840July 23, 2023MarylandBaltimoreN/A02000
2661236July 22, 2023MarylandBaltimore900 block of N Bentalou St01000