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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1429338June 23, 2019South CarolinaAbbeville1108 Cambridge St31001
1734602July 4, 2020LouisianaAbbeville700 block of N Lamar St00001
1695495June 2, 2020LouisianaAbbevilleE Oak St10000
1683808May 16, 2020South CarolinaAbbevilleN/A10000
1673084May 5, 2020LouisianaAbbevilleGreene St and I J Joiner St00000
1671948May 3, 2020LouisianaAbbeville400 block of Dutel St10000
1651062April 2, 2020LouisianaAbbeville300 block of Dutel St11000
1648810March 29, 2020MississippiAbbevilleCounty Rd 10601000
1634003March 4, 2020South CarolinaAbbevilleSawmill Rd00001
1587267December 30, 2019LouisianaAbbevilleN/A01000
1519512October 3, 2019South CarolinaAbbevilleAdams Dr01001
1487354August 5, 2019LouisianaAbbevilleN Miles St and Clover St10000
1487352August 21, 2019LouisianaAbbeville800 block of S Guegnon St10004
1279042December 17, 2018LouisianaAbbeville1100 block of S Shareview Cir00002
1419144May 30, 2019LouisianaAbbevilleVernon St and Schlessinger St00001
1412467June 1, 2019South CarolinaAbbevilleCambridge St00000
1412466June 1, 2019South CarolinaAbbevilleMcGowan Ave00000
1388330May 4, 2019LouisianaAbbevilleMartin Luther King Jr Dr01000
1363226April 3, 2019LouisianaAbbeville600 block of N Gertrude St01000
1359734March 30, 2019AlabamaAbbeville599 Ozark Rd10001
1350223March 12, 2019LouisianaAbbevilleN Bailey St and Clover St01001
1327006February 13, 2019LouisianaAbbeville100 block of North Myrtle Ave00002
1323743February 9, 2019South CarolinaAbbeville1108 Cambridge St01000
1320970February 5, 2019LouisianaAbbeville800 block of Dutel St01000
1286270December 27, 2018LouisianaAbbeville14136 S Hospital Dr00000