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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1947373March 7, 2021LouisianaAbbeville1600 block of Green St01000
2154684October 29, 2021AlabamaAbbeville101 Girard Ct10001
2138919October 11, 2021LouisianaAbbevilleN Bailey St and Oak St01001
2086772August 8, 2021LouisianaAbbevilleS Airport Rd01001
2080036August 1, 2021South CarolinaAbbevilleRaymond Rd00001
2076776July 25, 2021LouisianaAbbevilleN/A01001
2047870June 28, 2021LouisianaAbbevilleQueens Ranch Rd10001
2035805June 14, 2021South CarolinaAbbevilleN/A00100
1973606April 9, 2021LouisianaAbbevilleLafayette St and S Lyman St10002
1965646March 30, 2021LouisianaAbbevilleW Summers Dr and Gaurard St00001
1953463March 13, 2021South CarolinaAbbevilleN/A01000
1953461March 15, 2021South CarolinaAbbeville1108 Cambridge St01000
1947376March 7, 2021LouisianaAbbevilleAdier Rd11002
1745309July 24, 2020LouisianaAbbevilleN/A01001
1943983March 3, 2021LouisianaAbbeville1300 block of Greene Ave00100
1931641February 16, 2021LouisianaAbbevilleGreen St and S Lamar St10001
1847732November 7, 2020LouisianaAbbevilleN East St and Nugier St01001
1845527November 5, 2020LouisianaAbbeville400 block of Edwards St10000
1843100November 3, 2020LouisianaAbbeville411 Kibbe St10002
1837401October 12, 2020LouisianaAbbeville1610 E Martin Luther King Jr Dr00001
1827016October 17, 2020LouisianaAbbeville3523 Veterans Memorial Dr01001
1824999October 14, 2020LouisianaAbbeville700 block of Graceland Ave01000
1824990October 13, 2020LouisianaAbbeville801 S. State St01000
1808355September 26, 2020LouisianaAbbevilleSchlessinger St00001
1772780August 22, 2020GeorgiaAbbeville201 Isabella St01001