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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2445104October 24, 2022LouisianaAbbeville1200 block of S Saint Charles St03001
2793616January 2, 2024LouisianaAbbevilleAlphonse St and E Oak St02000
2786766December 25, 2023LouisianaAbbeville400 block of Eighth St03000
2717489September 25, 2023LouisianaAbbeville1610 E Martin Luther King Jr Dr00103
2635929June 22, 2023LouisianaAbbevilleWabash St and Samson St01000
2626364June 14, 2023LouisianaAbbeville1115 Clover St01000
2587205May 2, 2023AlabamaAbbevilleCo Rd 4602000
2534896February 22, 2023South CarolinaAbbevilleHwy 28 S and Industrial Park Rd01000
2533920February 24, 2023LouisianaAbbeville1616 Veterans Memorial Dr04002
2525186February 13, 2023LouisianaAbbevilleN/A02000
2501778January 10, 2023MississippiAbbevilleWabash Ave and Alley St02001
2484567December 16, 2022South CarolinaAbbeville701 Washington St00001
2456278November 7, 2022LouisianaAbbeville300 block of LeBlanc St01000
2168371November 16, 2021LouisianaAbbevilleSchlessinger St and Maude Ave01001
2439642October 14, 2022LouisianaAbbeville1105 Prairie Ave01000
2433469October 7, 2022LouisianaAbbevilleGrosse Isle Rd and Elton Rd02001
2360808July 14, 2022LouisianaAbbeville2790 Rodeo Rd10002
2355631July 10, 2022AlabamaAbbevilleCounty Rd 57 S10001
2336643June 19, 2022LouisianaAbbeville1700 block of Fairmont Ave01001
2310808May 24, 2022South CarolinaAbbeville200 Virginia St20000
2283806May 26, 2018LouisianaAbbevilleS East St and 7th St10001
2276167April 9, 2022LouisianaAbbevilleE Oak St and N Bailey St01001
2257188March 18, 2022LouisianaAbbeville700 block of Clover St10001
2248623March 6, 2022LouisianaAbbeville1504 Coulee Kinney Rd01001
2246475December 28, 2019South CarolinaAbbeville101 S Main St01001