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Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
108815February 20, 2014AlabamaBirmingham800 block of First Street North00000
110997February 17, 2014AlabamaValley1200 block of Hopewell Road 01000
110550February 25, 2014AlabamaBirminghamRobert Jemison Road01000
110041February 21, 2014AlabamaUnion Springs18750 Hwy 8200000
109873February 24, 2014AlabamaBirmingham800 3rd Ave W03000
109753February 24, 2014AlabamaFlorence2600 block of Huntsville Road01000
109741February 22, 2014AlabamaMobile1200 block of Fearn Court 00100
109733February 22, 2014AlabamaMobile600 block of Azalea Road10000
109727February 24, 2014AlabamaBirmingham800 block of Third Avenue West02010
109723February 8, 2014AlabamaBirmingham7400 block of Canada Ave00001
109265February 21, 2014AlabamaDuncanville11000 block of Skelton Rd00000
108882January 6, 2014AlabamaCusseta1100 block of Lee Road 27001000
108818February 20, 2014AlabamaBirmingham3700 block of Pine Avenue S.W00000
107821February 16, 2014AlabamaMobile1365 Martin Luther King Ave. 10000
108813February 20, 2014AlabamaBirmingham900 block of 44th Place North01000
108520February 18, 2014AlabamaDecatur2nd Avenue and Prospect Drive01000
108517February 19, 2014AlabamaMobileLive Oak Street 01000
108507February 20, 2014AlabamaMobile1000 block of Cloverdale Drive00010
108501February 19, 2014AlabamaBirmingham3102 Greensboro Avenue 01000
108465February 19, 2014AlabamaPittsview1568 AL-16510000
108130February 18, 2014AlabamaPine Hill234 Leroy Randolph Rd01001
108127February 19, 2014AlabamaMobileN Sage Ave and Old Shell Rd10000
108125February 18, 2014AlabamaBirminghamN/A01000
108119February 18, 2014AlabamaBirmingham600 block of Brussell Circle 01000
107943February 17, 2014AlabamaDecatur600 block of 2nd Ave SE01000