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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
902936July 29, 2017South DakotaAberdeenN/A00002
1046691February 7, 2018South DakotaAberdeen1300 block of 9th Ave SW00000
1029879January 14, 2018MarylandAberdeen100 block of Post Rd00001
1028822January 15, 2018MississippiAberdeen735 W Short St10000
1025764January 8, 2018IdahoAberdeenN/A00000
1022320January 7, 2018South DakotaAberdeen2210 6th Ave SE01000
1011111December 19, 2017MarylandAberdeen111 Mt Royal Ave00000
1005376December 10, 2017North CarolinaAberdeen100 Block of Meredith St10002
990390November 16, 2017MarylandAberdeenRoosevelt Ave and Post Rd00000
984385November 8, 2017WashingtonAberdeen600 N B St01003
972774October 23, 2017South DakotaAberdeen100 block of S Arch St00001
959655October 14, 2017MississippiAberdeenRobin Drive03000
940257September 23, 2017South DakotaAberdeenNinth Curve00001
732557December 22, 2016South DakotaAberdeen1623 10th Ave SW00001
886503July 9, 2017MississippiAberdeenLowndes Street10000
883777July 4, 2017South DakotaAberdeen1700 block of 20th Ave SE00001
865822June 8, 2017WashingtonAberdeen1100 block of Fordney St00001
855829May 29, 2017MarylandAberdeen1500 block of Mitchell Ln10001
850818May 16, 2017MississippiAberdeenN/A00001
850643March 7, 2017South DakotaAberdeen6th Ave00001
842060May 8, 2017South DakotaAberdeen10 block of 5th Ave NW00003
819650April 13, 2017MarylandAberdeenGreen Ave and Darlington Ave01000
778287February 19, 2017MarylandAberdeen200 block of Mayberry Dr01000
770714February 1, 2017South DakotaAberdeen1000 block of S 2nd St00002
760074January 23, 2017South DakotaAberdeen200 block of 8th Ave NE00005