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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort ascendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2567959April 9, 2023MarylandLanham800 block of Mazzoni Ave01000
1748931July 28, 2020LouisianaZwolleMain St and Obie St01001
1122960May 22, 2018LouisianaZwolleSandstone Cir10000
1708425June 15, 2020LouisianaZwolle500 block of Oosta Rd10001
2838521August 15, 2022New MexicoZuniN/A01001
2582173September 18, 2022New MexicoZuniN/A01001
2199651February 26, 2021New MexicoZuniN/A10001
1008266December 15, 2017MinnesotaZumbrota19th St01004
891736July 8, 2017MinnesotaZumbro FallsN/A00001
1725544July 4, 2020MinnesotaZumbro Falls404th Ave10000
1900770January 11, 2021FloridaZolfo SpringsSteve Roberts Special and Kelly Roberts Rd10002
1708973June 17, 2020KentuckyZoeLakeside Dr10001
441706October 31, 2015North CarolinaZionville700 block of Camp Joy Road01000
1244198October 30, 2018IndianaZionsville1300 block of Quail Run Ct01001
1327772February 15, 2019IndianaZionsville10655 N Michigan Rd00001
1381873April 28, 2019IndianaZionsvilleQuail Run Dr10002
1236226October 18, 2018IndianaZionsvilleN/A00000
1214931September 21, 2018IndianaZionsville515 S 900 E20100
836510May 5, 2017IndianaZionsville1380 Saylor Dr10000
665178September 28, 2016IndianaZionsville600 block of Terrace Dr10001
528961March 24, 2016IndianaZionsville800 block of U.S. 42101000
522752March 14, 2016IndianaZionsvilleCreekside Pass01000
506668February 17, 2016IndianaZionsville6833 Old Hunt Club Rd20100
993779November 21, 2017PennsylvaniaZion Grove395 Ferndale Rd10001
430346October 13, 2015PennsylvaniaZion GroveN/A01000