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Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2911331May 15, 2024KentuckyLouisville2000 block of Brownsboro Rd01000
2911363May 15, 2024KentuckyLouisville6900 block of Brooklawn Dr01000
2909692May 14, 2024KentuckyLouisvilleLibby Ln01000
2912884May 14, 2024KentuckyKings MountainWaters Cemetery Rd10000
2909653May 14, 2024KentuckyLouisville300 block of S 42nd St02000
2909711May 14, 2024KentuckyLouisvilleS 3rd St and Kenton St00100
2910155May 14, 2024KentuckyLouisville1000 block of Esquire Alley10000
2908452May 12, 2024KentuckyLouisville2700 block of Algonquin Pkwy01000
2907619May 12, 2024KentuckyLouisville600 block of Creel Ave01010
2906721May 11, 2024KentuckyLouisville8300 block of Vermissa Ct10000
2907622May 11, 2024KentuckyLouisville7500 block of Dunwoody Ct10000
2906768May 11, 2024KentuckyColumbiaKY-70401001
2906715May 11, 2024KentuckyLouisville282 Evangeline Ave22000
2906723May 11, 2024KentuckyLouisville1000 block of Cristland Rd01000
2906683May 11, 2024KentuckyLouisville1700 block of Hale Ave01000
2906780May 11, 2024KentuckyLouisvilleAllmond Ave and Louisville Ave10000
2906754May 10, 2024KentuckyLouisville1400 block of Thornberry Ave01000
2906706May 10, 2024KentuckyLouisville4700 block of Crawford Ave00100
2906761May 10, 2024KentuckyLexington100 block of W Main St01001
2905833May 9, 2024KentuckyGlasgowArnett Grove Rd01000
2905180May 9, 2024KentuckyLouisville1200 block of Dresden Ave01000
2903929May 8, 2024KentuckyLouisville4400 Coram Way10001
2903935May 8, 2024KentuckyLouisvilleW Broadway and S 9th St01000
2903880May 8, 2024KentuckyLexington1100 Block of Kelsey Dr01000
2903264May 7, 2024KentuckyLouisville4900 block of Saddlebrook Ln02001