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Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2555275March 25, 2023KentuckyMonticelloHwy 328400010
2555268March 25, 2023KentuckyLouisville3400 block of Southern Ave01000
2553758March 24, 2023KentuckyLouisville6121 Airport Hotels Blvd10000
2552939March 23, 2023KentuckyCumberland901 School Rd10001
2553724March 23, 2023KentuckyLouisville1737 Patton Ct01000
2556116March 23, 2023KentuckyMadisonville622 Echo Ln10100
2552308March 22, 2023KentuckyFlorence1000 Tamarack Cir01000
2552376March 22, 2023KentuckyLouisville3900 block of Dupont Cir01000
2552348March 21, 2023KentuckyLouisville340 W Muhammad Ali Blvd02001
2551377March 21, 2023KentuckyLouisville7601 St Andrews Church Rd00001
2550492March 20, 2023KentuckyLouisville4600 block of Hendrik Dr01000
2550476March 19, 2023KentuckyLouisville6101 Dutchmans Ln01001
2549678March 19, 2023KentuckyLouisvilleW Kentucky St and Dr W J Hodge St01000
2549131March 18, 2023KentuckyLouisville2500 block of W Main St01000
2549086March 18, 2023KentuckyLouisville (Shively)3700 block of 7th Street Rd01000
2549071March 18, 2023KentuckyLouisvilleCane Run Rd and Bells Lane02000
2550446March 17, 2023KentuckyLouisville2800 block of Greenwood Ave01001
2548456March 17, 2023KentuckyLexington300 N Martin Luther King Blvd11001
2547849March 16, 2023KentuckyMorganfield3200 block of KY-87101010
2547811March 16, 2023KentuckyGlasgowAdams Pl and Park Ave01001
2547837March 16, 2023KentuckyFrankfort100 block of Landings Dr01000
2547830March 15, 2023KentuckyCarrollton116 Main St01001
2546221March 14, 2023KentuckyLouisville11400 block of Tazwell Dr10000
2545591March 13, 2023KentuckyOwensboroSouthwood Ave and E 27th St01000
2544783March 12, 2023KentuckyLouisville1700 block of Wilart Dr01000