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Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2736935October 23, 2023KentuckyLouisvilleW Market St and S 34th St01000
2736933October 23, 2023KentuckyLouisville1200 block of S 16th St01000
2736931October 23, 2023KentuckyLouisvilleDixie Hwy and Gallagher St01000
2735706October 22, 2023KentuckyCovington300 Block of E 39th St10000
2735267October 22, 2023KentuckyLexington3021 Windermere Rd03000
2735703October 22, 2023KentuckyLouisville1500 block of Berry Blvd10010
2736846October 22, 2023KentuckyLexington3090 Old Todds Rd01000
2733868October 19, 2023KentuckyLouisville1000 block of Berry Blvd01000
2733861October 18, 2023KentuckyLouisvilleN/A01000
2733124October 18, 2023KentuckyLouisvillePeachtree Ave and Walter Ave01000
2733122October 18, 2023KentuckyLouisville3510 Goldsmith Ln00001
2733985October 18, 2023KentuckyFlorence7056 Burlington Pike00001
2732128October 17, 2023KentuckyLouisville4100 block of Cane Run Rd01000
2732971October 17, 2023KentuckyLivingstonI-7501000
2730808October 15, 2023KentuckyCatlettsburg7400 block of Twin Fork Rd00010
2730825October 15, 2023KentuckyLexington200 block of Race St10000
2731144October 15, 2023KentuckyParisNorth Middletown Road00010
2730831October 15, 2023KentuckyLouisville3814 Frankfort Ave00100
2729997October 14, 2023KentuckyLexington200 block of Fairdale Dr01000
2730121October 14, 2023KentuckyLouisville1035 Zorn Ave10000
2729553October 13, 2023KentuckyLouisville2500 Dixie Hwy01000
2729507October 13, 2023KentuckyLouisville4700 block of Francell Ct01000
2729332October 13, 2023KentuckyLexington1400 block of Hartland Woods Way01000
2727405October 10, 2023KentuckyLouisville3400 block of Breckenridge Ln01000
2727391October 10, 2023KentuckyLouisville2400 block of Lindsay Ave01001