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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims Killedsort descendingVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2500505January 11, 2023KentuckyLexington500 block of Angliana Ave01001
2771581December 5, 2023KentuckyHopkinsville300 block of 19th St01000
2503903January 16, 2023KentuckyLouisvilleNational Turnpike and Fairdale Rd01000
2503525January 16, 2023KentuckyLouisville2300 block of Northwestern Parkway02000
2502798January 15, 2023KentuckyLouisville300 block of Short St01000
2502795January 14, 2023KentuckyLouisville3800 block of River Park Dr01000
2502521January 14, 2023KentuckyLexington1700 block of Gerald Dr01001
2502357January 14, 2023KentuckyCovington600 block of Main St01000
2502346January 14, 2023KentuckyFrankfort325 St. Clair St02000
2501073January 12, 2023KentuckyFrankfortI-64 and KY-15100010
2501063January 12, 2023KentuckyLouisville1400 block of Lillian Ave01000
2501059January 12, 2023KentuckyLouisville1000 block of S 2nd St01000
2500542January 10, 2023KentuckyStanford101 Old Fort Rd01000
2492373January 1, 2023KentuckyLexington600 block of Tennessee Ave03000
2500460January 11, 2023KentuckyLouisvilleN/A02000
2499251January 9, 2023KentuckyLouisville600 block of S 44th St01000
2498548January 9, 2023KentuckyLexington313 W W New Cir Rd02000
2497664January 7, 2023KentuckyLouisville600 block of S 42nd St01000
2497652January 7, 2023KentuckyGuthrieGreen Acres Cir01001
2497221January 6, 2023KentuckyLouisville3510 Goldsmith Ln00000
2496580January 6, 2023KentuckyLouisville1000 block of Bardstown Rd01000
2494400January 3, 2023KentuckyLouisvilleTaylor Blvd and Camden Ave01000
2493710January 2, 2023KentuckyHazardKrypton Lick Branch Rd00100
2493682January 2, 2023KentuckyLouisvilleVermont Ave and Southwestern Pkwy01000
2493521January 1, 2023KentuckySandy HookMiddle Fork Rd00010