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Incident IDIncident Datesort descendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2051921July 3, 2021South CarolinaCherawPatsy Ln01000
2052627July 3, 2021New YorkNew York (Manhattan)1660 Madison Ave02000
2052580July 3, 2021TexasCarthageTroy St and Tulsa St00021
2052332July 3, 2021TennesseeMemphis3685 American Way10003
2052636July 3, 2021IndianaEvansville700 block of Cross St00000
2052792July 3, 2021DelawareNewark100 block of Madison Dr01001
2052652July 3, 2021KentuckyLancasterBryants Camp Rd10001
2054970July 3, 2021TexasHouston9207 Cullen Blvd10000
2052668July 3, 2021New YorkCorona (Queens)140th Ave and Thurston St01000
2051603July 3, 2021TexasHouston16226 Alden Ridge Dr01000
2054978July 3, 2021GeorgiaSavannahLaGrand St and Anderson St01000
2054984July 3, 2021GeorgiaSavannahE 34th St01000
2051732July 3, 2021WisconsinMilwaukeeW Burleigh St and N 57th St01000
2052681July 3, 2021North CarolinaHigh Point801 W Fairfield Rd10000
2052683July 3, 2021North CarolinaGreensboro4200 block of Joy Ann Terrace01000
2052471July 3, 2021GeorgiaSwainsboro229 S Main St13001
2051984July 3, 2021North CarolinaAshevilleAtkinson St01000
2051986July 3, 2021PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaMargaret St and Darrah St01000
2051979July 3, 2021OhioToledo3045 Ilger Ave10000
2053855July 3, 2021New YorkPoughkeepsie2 Fox Terrace01000
2053860July 3, 2021AlabamaMontgomery200 block of Dickerson St02000
2053872July 3, 2021VirginiaRichmondE Grace St and Ambler St01000
2051447July 3, 2021New YorkBuffalo1263 Clinton St01001
2051646July 3, 2021MassachusettsWakefieldI-95000011
2052292July 3, 2021NebraskaOmahaN 65th St and Ames Ave01000