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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2053076July 5, 2021MassachusettsBostonHollander St and Crawford St01000
2057837July 4, 2021MassachusettsBoston340 Blue Hill Ave01000
2054683July 4, 2021MontanaBozeman700 S Fowler Ave02000
2062349July 3, 2021LouisianaBreaux Bridge300 block of Courville St00001
2055651July 5, 2021ConnecticutBridgeport600 block of Trumbull Ave01000
2052625July 4, 2021New YorkBronxFreeman St and Chisholm St01000
2052632July 4, 2021New YorkBronxE 172nd St and Seabury Pl11000
2055128July 4, 2021New YorkBronx866 Hunts Point Ave01001
2051414July 2, 2021New YorkBronx3921 Barnes Ave02000
2053152July 4, 2021New YorkBronxE 225th St and Bronxwood Ave01000
2053158July 4, 2021New YorkBronxLacombe Ave and Castle Hill Ave10001
2051103July 2, 2021New YorkBronx940 Tiffany St12001
2054679July 5, 2021New YorkBronxWalton Ave and E 175th St01000
2054670July 5, 2021New YorkBronx525 Jackson Ave02000
2054493July 4, 2021New YorkBronx3929 Carpenter Ave01000
2054449July 4, 2021New YorkBronxBroadway and Van Cortlandt Park S01000
2054050July 4, 2021New YorkBrooklynCornelia St and Central Ave10001
2054270July 5, 2021New YorkBrooklyn140 block of Moore St01000
2054240July 5, 2021New YorkBrooklyn555 E 80th St01000
2054126July 4, 2021New YorkBrooklyn473 Jefferson Ave01000
2053154July 4, 2021New YorkBrooklynNostrand Ave and Dekalb Ave01000
2052639July 2, 2021New YorkBrooklyn692 Willoughby Ave01000
2051299July 2, 2021New YorkBrooklynWilloughby Ave and Throop Ave01000
2051447July 3, 2021New YorkBuffalo1263 Clinton St01001
2051419July 3, 2021New YorkBuffalo168 Butler Ave01000