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Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2140310July 5, 2021OhioCincinnati1560 Galbraith Rd10002
2059270July 4, 2021OhioCincinnati4800 block of Winneste Ave10001
2052053July 2, 2021OhioCincinnati2300 block of St James Ave10001
2056268July 5, 2021OhioCincinnati1700 block of Republic St00000
2056263July 5, 2021OhioCincinnati1600 block of Vine St00001
2052924July 5, 2021OhioCincinnati166 W Mehring Way03200
2055414July 5, 2021OhioCincinnati (Mount Healthy)7800 block of Clovernook Ave10001
2051074July 2, 2021GeorgiaClarkston792 Jolly Ave S01000
2059226July 5, 2021LouisianaClaytonN/A02001
2052417July 3, 2021FloridaClermont16431 FL-5010000
2054251July 4, 2021OhioClevelandE 93rd St and Parmelee Ave01000
2055266July 5, 2021OhioCleveland7515 Kinsman Ave10000
2054280July 5, 2021OhioCleveland13411 Miles Ave01000
2054277July 5, 2021OhioCleveland6610 Harvard Ave01000
2054272July 5, 2021OhioClevelandN/A01000
2054264July 5, 2021OhioClevelandE 156th St and Grovewood Ave01000
2054260July 5, 2021OhioCleveland13206 Ferris Ave01000
2054233July 4, 2021OhioClevelandKinsman Rd and E 139th St04000
2054224July 4, 2021OhioCleveland3348 Steel Yard Dr01000
2051912July 2, 2021OhioCleveland (Shaker Heights)3000 block of Warrensville Center Rd01000
2052842July 4, 2021ColoradoColorado SpringsMoreno Ave01000
2054109July 5, 2021South CarolinaColumbia200 block of Musgroves Mill Lane10000
2052617July 4, 2021South CarolinaColumbia2219 Broad River Rd01000
2051916July 2, 2021OhioColumbus2267 Laurelwood Dr10100
2051127July 2, 2021OhioColumbus600 block of Van Buren Dr10002