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Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2821650February 5, 2024PennsylvaniaUpper Darby7200 block of Guilford Rd01011
2819540February 4, 2024PennsylvaniaUpper Darby200 block of Kent Rd01000
2818785February 2, 2024PennsylvaniaUpper DarbyMarshall Rd and Hampden Rd00010
2768138December 1, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper DarbyGuilford Rd and Littlecroft Rd01000
2743353October 29, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper Darby201 S 69th St10001
2722382October 1, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper DarbyN/A01000
2715326September 22, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper Darby100 block of Terrace Ave01001
2686943August 21, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper Darby635 Long Lane13000
2627622June 17, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper Darby700 block of Copley Rd01011
2586732May 1, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper Darby200 block of Wembly Rd10001
2554167March 25, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper Darby2413 Cedar Ln10001
2534776February 26, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper Darby200 block of McKinley Ave01000
2514229January 29, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper Darby2407 Marshall Rd10001
2513852January 27, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper Darby6800 block of Radbourne Rd01000
2510325January 22, 2023PennsylvaniaUpper Darby100 block of Long Ln10100
2490809December 29, 2022PennsylvaniaUpper DarbyS 69th St and Market St01001
2377692August 2, 2022PennsylvaniaUpper Darby200 block of Kingston Rd20000
2354042July 8, 2022PennsylvaniaUpper DarbyMarshall Rd and Old Marshall Rd20000
2350069July 3, 2022PennsylvaniaUpper Darby800 block of Hawthorne Ave01011
2346512July 1, 2022PennsylvaniaUpper Darby6906 Ruskin Ln10000
2318846May 31, 2022PennsylvaniaUpper DarbyLarchwood Ave and West Chester Pike01003
2309045May 21, 2022PennsylvaniaUpper Darby1028 Garrett Rd01000
2310155May 19, 2022PennsylvaniaUpper Darby7016 Clinton Ave10001
2288808April 26, 2022PennsylvaniaUpper DarbyS Keystone Ave10000
2267194March 28, 2022PennsylvaniaUpper Darby33 N State Rd10001