Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1683808May 16, 2020South CarolinaAbbevilleN/A10
1591936January 8, 2020MichiganAdrianN/A01
1607335January 26, 2020OhioAkron2600 block of Nesmith Lake Blvd10
1692335May 27, 2020OhioAkron800 Block of Work Dr01
1729297July 6, 2020OhioAkronChesapeake Dr and Dahlgren Dr11
1708719June 2, 2020New MexicoAlamogordo800 Block of San Juan Dr01
1697441June 4, 2020New YorkAlbanyNew Hope Terrace01
1698379June 4, 2020GeorgiaAlbany700 block of Gilbert Ln01
1701249June 9, 2020New YorkAlbany2nd St and N Lake Ave02
1705158June 13, 2020New YorkAlbany100 block of 2nd Ave01
1715718June 24, 2020New YorkAlbanyFirst Ave and Quail St02
1657697April 12, 2020New YorkAlbany (Colonie)1606 Central Ave10
1632100March 1, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque10000 block of 2nd St NW10
1635570March 7, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque1700 block of Rayo del Sol SW04
1642768March 19, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque300 Rhode Island St NE10
1729314July 8, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque9930 Lomas Blvd NE01
1666584April 26, 2020LouisianaAlexandria3000 block of Culpepper Rd01
1680784May 14, 2020PennsylvaniaAllentown1600 block of Maumee Dr01
1655083April 8, 2020IllinoisAltonMadison Ave and Hayden St01
1668922April 27, 2020TexasAmarillo5500 block of Everett Ave10
1691205May 27, 2020TexasAmarillo3900 block of Paradise Ave10
1586872January 1, 2020PennsylvaniaAmbridgeValley Rd00
1593831January 9, 2020OhioAmherst100 block of S Leavitt Rd01
1586031January 1, 2020AlaskaAnchorage1900 block of E 5th Ave01
1588399January 4, 2020South CarolinaAnderson3027 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd01