Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1501054September 10, 2019IllinoisChicago7300 block of S Wolcott Ave02
1502972September 12, 2019IllinoisChicago3800 block of W Chicago Ave01
1503678September 14, 2019IllinoisChicago3900 block of W Jackson Blvd02
1504420September 15, 2019IllinoisChicago220 W. Garfield Blvd01
1508103September 19, 2019IllinoisChicago8500 block of S Avalon Ave01
1515090September 28, 2019IllinoisChicago3800 block of W Grand Ave01
1517474October 1, 2019IllinoisChicago3900 block of W 102nd St01
1525293October 12, 2019IllinoisChicago400 block of N Mayfield Ave01
1530444October 18, 2019IllinoisChicago1700 W Farwell Ave01
1535793October 27, 2019IllinoisChicago200 block of E 69th St02
1539036October 31, 2019IllinoisChicago3700 block of W 26th St02
1539044October 30, 2019IllinoisChicagoN/A01
1543478November 6, 2019IllinoisChicago1000 block of E 133rd St10
1546051November 10, 2019IllinoisChicago2100 block of S Albany Ave03
1501040September 10, 2019IllinoisChicago Heights1600 block of Aberdeen St01
1446184July 11, 2019LouisianaChurch PointN Martin Luther King Dr01
1528236October 15, 2019IndianaChurubusco (Eel River)N County Rd 700 W and W County Rd 1025 N01
1323045February 8, 2019OhioCincinnati3490 Verbena Dr01
1392100May 10, 2019OhioCincinnati100 block of E McMicken Ave01
1415128June 5, 2019OhioCincinnati5453 Colerain Ave10
1476537August 11, 2019OhioCincinnati2100 block of Queen City Ave11
1482423August 17, 2019OhioCincinnati900 block of Dana Ave10
1483274August 16, 2019OhioCincinnati100 Garfield Pl01
1483511August 19, 2019OhioCincinnati500 block of Dutch Colony Dr01
1500553September 9, 2019OhioCincinnatiRidgeway Ave and Cleveland Ave01