Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2932898June 5, 2024MarylandCumberlandGlenn St10000
2866247March 29, 2024MassachusettsIpswich116 County Rd02011
2869592April 2, 2024MassachusettsCambridge459 Broadway Ct00000
2868216April 1, 2024MichiganNewaygoW 68th St and Bingham Ave10000
2928276May 31, 2024MichiganBrighton9299 Goble Dr01000
2923163May 27, 2024MichiganDearborn7000 block of Kendal St01000
2922481May 26, 2024MichiganGreen Charter TownshipN/A01000
2917955May 22, 2024MichiganDetroit3100 block of S Ethel St01000
2916681May 21, 2024MichiganGrand Rapids921 Alger St SE01000
2910645May 15, 2024MichiganFlint700 block of E Philadelphia Blvd10000
2893273April 27, 2024MichiganDetroit1100 block of Broadway St01000
2891492April 26, 2024MichiganDetroit2035 Michigan Ave02000
2887177April 20, 2024MichiganJackson900 block of Maple Ave10000
2884849April 19, 2024MichiganWarren25108 Hoover Rd01000
2791448January 1, 2024MichiganGrand RapidsHenry Ave SE and Prince St SE01000
2868211March 31, 2024MichiganSaginaw2100 block of Avon St10001
2866458March 30, 2024MichiganDetroit15000 block of Sussex St01000
2866148March 24, 2024MichiganAnn Arbor800 block of S Maple Rd01000
2857193March 19, 2024MichiganDetroitSt Clair St and E Warren Ave01000
2838853February 22, 2024MichiganHollyE Maple St01001
2834045February 20, 2024MichiganHolland2629 N Park Dr01000
2831133February 14, 2024MichiganFlint6000 block of Cloverlawn Dr01000
2810989January 25, 2024MichiganGrand Rapids (Cutlerville)Eastern Ave SE and Woodfield Dr SE01000
2803087January 16, 2024MichiganLansing4500 block of Ballard Rd01000
2797125January 5, 2024MichiganColfaxN/A01001