Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1407331May 27, 2019FloridaDeltonaLittle Farms Ct01
1300703January 13, 2019LouisianaDenham Springs904 S Range Ave01
1338571February 27, 2019New HampshireDerry19 Fairway Dr01
1409636May 29, 2019IowaDes Moines5700 block of SE 34th St01
1493423August 31, 2019IowaDes Moines1100 block of 27th St01
1499192September 6, 2019IowaDes Moines979 Oakridge Dr01
1343682March 9, 2019MichiganDetroit19000 block of Biltmore St10
1350295March 19, 2019MichiganDetroit18700 block of Albion St01
1407022May 27, 2019MichiganDetroit10416 Lanark St01
1440779July 5, 2019MichiganDetroitE Van Dyke and 7 Mile01
1446700July 13, 2019MichiganDetroitMorang St and Kelly St01
1448636July 15, 2019MichiganDetroitVirgil St and Schoolcraft01
1453580July 21, 2019MichiganDetroitHamburg and E Seven Mile Rd01
1453585July 20, 2019MichiganDetroit1200 block of Elijah McCoy Dr01
1457007July 23, 2019MichiganDetroit17720 W Warren Ave01
1458106July 24, 2019MichiganDetroitW McNichols Rd and Greenlawn St01
1460288July 28, 2019MichiganDetroitMorang Ave and Balfour Rd01
1466122August 1, 2019MichiganDetroit13701 E State Fair St01
1468540August 3, 2019MichiganDetroit2600 block of Schaefer01
1468561August 3, 2019MichiganDetroit21860 Joy Rd11
1476033August 11, 2019MichiganDetroit9000 block of Grandville01
1491718August 29, 2019MichiganDetroit1781 S Fort St11
1493515August 31, 2019MichiganDetroit7000 block of W Warren01
1494595September 2, 2019MichiganDetroit12900 block of Asbury Park01
1494614September 2, 2019MichiganDetroit11530 E Outer Dr01