Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# Injuredsort descendingOperations
1585454January 1, 2020FloridaSaint Petersburg1 Gandy Blvd N01
1696613June 3, 2020IllinoisChicago2500 block of W Division Ave01
1682189May 17, 2020FloridaDeland1200 block of S Delaware Ave01
1604327January 23, 2020AlabamaJasperI-2201
1718824June 26, 2020MichiganDetroit16400 block of Hartwell St01
1587340January 1, 2020TexasBrownsville7313 Villa Pancho Dr01
1698777June 5, 2020MississippiMeridian2100 block of 13th Ave01
1686705May 22, 2020LouisianaViolet2900 block of Daniel Dr01
1605545January 25, 2020OhioVandaliaRandler Ave01
1728083July 6, 2020GeorgiaSavannah12300 Apache Ave01
1588560January 4, 2020TexasVidorOld Spanish Trail and Polly St01
1704023June 12, 2020AlabamaCovington (county)N/A01
1689091May 25, 2020MichiganThree RiversBroadway St and S US Hwy 13101
1607462January 27, 2020IllinoisChicago850 W Eastwood Ave01
1729544July 6, 2020New JerseyJacksonW Connecticut Concourse01
1706656June 14, 2020OhioColumbus1441 Parsons Ave01
1591322January 8, 2020FloridaBelle Glade1001 SW Ave M01
1691918May 23, 2020MontanaMissoula305 E Front St01
1672693May 3, 2020ConnecticutMystic335 Judson Ave01
1708682June 17, 2020North CarolinaKinston231 North Carolina Hwy 5801
1597618January 15, 2020FloridaFort Lauderdale3260 Davie Blvd01
1694860June 1, 2020IllinoisCrystal Lake5800 block of Marietta Dr01
1680895May 14, 2020MissouriBismarck1000 block of Center St01
1599041January 17, 2020VirginiaHampton50 block of E Queens Way01
1713197June 22, 2020VirginiaDanville1390 Piney Forest Rd01