Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2904925May 8, 2024North CarolinaRocky Mount1401 Cardinal St00000
2887702April 12, 2024North CarolinaRocky Mount100 block of Boyd Ct01000
2856481March 16, 2024North CarolinaRocky Mount1000 block of Manor Dr01000
2843237March 2, 2024North CarolinaRocky Mount600 block of N Wesleyan Blvd10000
2839958February 24, 2024North CarolinaRocky Mount1954 Stone Rose Dr01000
2839951February 26, 2024North CarolinaRocky Mount1012 Star St02000
2858100March 19, 2024WyomingRozet13646 WY-5101000
2880498April 14, 2024MissouriRushville13460 US-5901000
2867080March 30, 2024FloridaRuskin900 block of Seminole Sky Dr10001
2818188February 2, 2024LouisianaRuston659 N Service Rd E10001
2868211March 31, 2024MichiganSaginaw2100 block of Avon St10001
2917257May 21, 2024LouisianaSaint Gabriel1800 block of Bayou Paul Ln01000
2858858March 16, 2024MissouriSaint Louis (Ferguson)3582 Pershall Rd01000
2847473March 7, 2024MissouriSaint Louis (Olivette)9600 block of Huron Dr10001
2869603April 2, 2024MissouriSaint Louis4100 block of S Grand Blvd01000
2885365April 19, 2024MissouriSaint Louis10100 block of Green Valley Dr01000
2856282March 18, 2024MissouriSaint Louis5800 block of Maffitt Ave01001
2801600January 11, 2024MissouriSaint Louis5900 block of Garesche Ave01000
2830667February 14, 2024MissouriSaint Louis5900 block of Ferris Ave10001
2827627February 12, 2024MissouriSaint Louis200 block of E Marceau St00010
2812360January 25, 2024MissouriSaint Louis3800 block of Missouri Ave10000
2810910January 24, 2024MissouriSaint LouisNatural Bridge Ave and Grand Blvd01000
2806340January 17, 2024MissouriSaint Louis1000 block of Eiler St02000
2869099April 2, 2024LouisianaSaint Martinville (St Martinvlle)1381 Francois Rd01000
2804817January 18, 2024MinnesotaSaint Paul780 W Wheelock Pkwy00010