Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1620014February 12, 2020MarylandBaltimore1600 block of N Smallwood Ave01
1677809May 11, 2020MarylandBaltimore4400 block of La Plata Ave00
1692286May 29, 2020MarylandBaltimore5400 block of Price Ave01
1720167June 27, 2020MichiganBaragaM-3801
1677543May 10, 2020OhioBarberton200 block of Huron St01
1605309January 25, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge1915 Birch St10
1658897April 14, 2020LouisianaBaton RougeLake Sherwood Ave10
1676515May 10, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge2944 Plank Rd05
1706191June 15, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge9350 Cortana Pl00
1724885July 4, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge600 block of N Fuller Pl10
1646036March 25, 2020MichiganBattle Creek800 block of Swift Road01
1650276March 30, 2020MichiganBattle CreekGoguac St01
1675859May 9, 2020MichiganBattle Creek5235 Horizon Dr01
1665333April 19, 2020MinnesotaBaxter4800 block of Cedar Scenic Rd01
1697941June 4, 2020MichiganBay PortN/A01
1695493June 1, 2020KentuckyBeattyvilleFox Hollow Rd10
1588061January 1, 2020TexasBeaumontBettes St00
1614438February 4, 2020TexasBeaumont19000 block of Burrell-Wingate Rd01
1690506May 28, 2020West VirginiaBeckleyCoal St02
1589915January 6, 2020New MexicoBelen (Rio Communities)Logan St01
1596276January 14, 2020TexasBellaire5100 Maple St10
1591322January 8, 2020FloridaBelle Glade1001 SW Ave M01
1679225May 13, 2020OhioBellefontaine2056 US-6801
1648909March 30, 2020IllinoisBelleville2500 block of Lucy Dr10
1699338June 5, 2020IllinoisBelleville50 block of Kansas Ave10