Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims Injuredsort descendingSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2827627February 12, 2024MissouriSaint Louis200 block of E Marceau St00010
2837805February 25, 2024TexasWaco3900 block of S Jack Kultgen Expy10001
2837301February 23, 2024North CarolinaLowgapOld Lowgap Rd10000
2837224February 23, 2024FloridaJacksonville1502 W 2nd St10001
2835777February 21, 2024North CarolinaCharlotte2347 Eastway Dr10000
2834556February 14, 2024OklahomaChoteauN/A10000
2832891February 18, 2024WisconsinMilwaukee7900 N 64th Ct10000
2832071February 8, 2024MissouriCarthage527 S Main St10000
2831690February 15, 2024ColoradoPuebloCastle Royal Dr10000
2831093February 14, 2024North CarolinaMooresville8575 W NC-15210000
2830667February 14, 2024MissouriSaint Louis5900 block of Ferris Ave10001
2829880February 14, 2024TennesseeKingston900 block of N Kentucky St10000
2829124February 14, 2024IllinoisChicago4329 W Monroe St00010
2820511February 5, 2024GeorgiaAugusta1339 Laney Walker Blvd00001
2826874February 10, 2024GeorgiaDecatur2600 block of Habersham Dr10000
2826150February 11, 2024MississippiBogue ChittoN/A10000
2825613February 9, 2024IllinoisCahokia Heights3500 block of Bond Ave00010
2825365February 10, 2024MarylandTemple Hills (Hillcrest Heights)Iverson St and 24th Ave10011
2825355January 29, 2024LouisianaWest Monroe1100 block of Jonesboro Rd10000
2824110February 8, 2024WisconsinWaupaca809 W Fulton St00010
2823097February 8, 2024NebraskaLincolnS 10th St and South St00010
2822719February 3, 2024TexasSan Antonio3200 block of Northridge Dr10001
2821818February 6, 2024TennesseeMemphis7989 US-6410000
2820839February 3, 2024TennesseeKnoxvilleSt Francis Way10000
2820549February 5, 2024New YorkRochesterEast Ave00010