Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
474960December 28, 2015AlaskaBethelN/A10000
464077December 12, 2015AlaskaAnchorage4000 block of Wispen Circle01000
434115October 2, 2015AlaskaAnchorage12300 block of West Skyline Drive01000
312996March 26, 2015ArizonaPhoenix44th Street and Southern Avenue01000
408014September 2, 2015ArizonaOvergaardN/A00010
403084August 24, 2015ArizonaBuckeyeN/A10000
400544August 24, 2015ArizonaPhoenix67th Avenue and Indian School Road10001
394625August 14, 2015ArizonaPhoenixN 44th Ave and E Union Hills Dr01000
356117June 9, 2015ArizonaKingman2300 block of South Highway 6601000
332531April 30, 2015ArizonaPeoria8200 block of West Varney01000
332126April 27, 2015ArizonaGolden ValleyN/A01000
328927April 21, 2015ArizonaPhoenix27th St and Osborn01000
326371April 13, 2015ArizonaBuckeye311th Avenue01000
276842January 9, 2015ArizonaPeoriaN/A01000
312823March 22, 2015ArizonaPhoenixN/A00000
312237March 22, 2015ArizonaTucson300 block of East Thoroughbred Street10000
310440March 20, 2015ArizonaTempeScottsdale Rd and McKellips Rd10001
308904March 18, 2015ArizonaPhoenixN/A00010
304867March 5, 2015ArizonaSaffordUS-19101000
300563February 20, 2015ArizonaSierra Vista156 E. Wilcox Drive00000
294684February 17, 2015ArizonaPhoenix43rd Avenue and Thomas01001
291280February 3, 2015ArizonaTempe1900 block of E University Dr00001
285948January 28, 2015ArizonaSierra Vista4400 block of E. Busby Drive00001
285921January 29, 2015ArizonaDolan SpringsN/A01000
283480January 1, 2015ArizonaTucsonN/A00000