Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2600305May 6, 2023LouisianaShreveport2100 block of Grimmett Dr01001
2768044December 30, 2023LouisianaShreveport700 block of Ontario St01000
2757017November 13, 2023LouisianaNew IberiaPark Ave01000
2659174July 20, 2023LouisianaNew Orleans7001 Martin Dr10000
2650322July 8, 2023LouisianaHammond1200 block of Willow St10001
2649326July 9, 2023LouisianaLafayette100 block of Vaucluse Dr10001
2644612July 4, 2023LouisianaNew Orleans2200 block of Pleasure St01000
2627212June 16, 2023LouisianaMarrero2700 block of Colony Ct01000
2618440June 6, 2023LouisianaShreveport2600 Greenwood Rd01000
2607451April 1, 2023LouisianaHarveyShannon Dr and Destrehan Ave00011
2606700May 23, 2023LouisianaBaton Rouge4500 block of Sherwood St01000
2603124May 17, 2023LouisianaHammondS Airport Rd01001
2600320May 13, 2023LouisianaBaton Rouge12254 La Margie Ave02000
2498510January 8, 2023LouisianaNew OrleansHayne Blvd and Michigan St10000
2598157May 13, 2023LouisianaHoumaSuthon Ave and 3rd St01000
2588983May 4, 2023LouisianaShreveport600 block of W 62nd St01000
2585272April 21, 2023LouisianaHouma1000 block of Grand Caillou Rd01000
2582432April 26, 2023LouisianaWest MonroeS 1st St01000
2525283February 13, 2023LouisianaNew Orleans3000 block of St. Roch Ave10001
2518743February 5, 2023LouisianaChalmette400 block of E Solidelle St10001
2514239January 28, 2023LouisianaShreveport2700 block of Parkridge St01000
2513961January 29, 2023LouisianaNew Orleans8000 block of Curran Blvd10001
2509528January 23, 2023LouisianaShreveport6400 block of Faust Dr01000
2506527January 19, 2023LouisianaJenningsGallup St10000
2499922January 10, 2023LouisianaBaton Rouge5151 Highland Rd01000